Gold is located on an area of 20.000 m2 of which the 10.000 m2 part is closed in the 4th Industrial Zone of Gaziantep, performs manufacturing of PP woven fabrics, PP coated fabrics and PP woven bags its facilities equipped with European originated machinery of high technology.

Gold, which works with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management and ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System, manufactures 80.000.000 units of PP woven bags a year with the personnel strength of 120 people who are specialized in their own fields.

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The raw materials that are put through the MFI test and appropriate for production are produced as tapes in requested width and denier. This proceeding is performed on computer controlled extruders having high technology.
By means of gravimetric dosing unit, the main raw material and other additives are mixed at the most proper ratios determined for the product.
The tapes which pass the tests applied an are in accordance with the quality standards are woven as tubular in the requested width on the weaving looms.
For the applications of flat fabrics, the ultrasonic edge-cutting systems on the looms are put into service and the fabrics are made open through their edges.
By means of width and weight controls, the necessary interventions are made just on time and defective production is stopped.

The coating in required colors and features are applied on the fabrics which come out of weaving lines. The coated fabrics are periodically put through the sticking and weight controls.
The sandwich lamination system is put into service in the BOPP coating applications and the product is ensured to be laminated at the optimum level thanks to special additives.

The fabrics of which the weaving or coating proceedings are accomplished are taken to the printing section not to be affected by ambient conditions.
In the printing section where the technique of flexo printing is used, the most proper ink, solvent and cliche are used in order to be obtained the highest quality printing.

The fabrics that are put through all the proceedings are cut in required lengths at the conversion line.
Through the mouth opening system on machines, it should be prevented from unfavorable circumstances such as deformation and sticking in the mouth.
In the event it is requested gusset for coated products, the gusset devices are put into service for required gusset features.
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